Welcome to my site. This is a place where I planned to write many things about maths.  I have since moved on to other endeavours, so future updates seem unlikely.  I will keep the posts here active for your reference.  Hopefully people will find such things interesting.

I started my PhD in Maths at The University of Melbourne in 2012 after completing both my Masters and Bachelor degrees there. I was also the treasurer of the Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society (MUMS) from 2011 to 2012, but was subsequently demoted to postgrad representative and am now just 'person on the e-mail list'.  From August 2013, I spent a year-or-so in Minneapolis to try to finalise my research before returning to Melbourne in late 2014, hopefully in time for the cricket season.  Update: I made it back in time for the cricket season!  Wooo!  I submitted my PhD in July 2015 and graduated in early 2016.

Cheers buds.